Book Update: Nearing the End of Summer (July 31, 2013)

I guess I should make a post before the end of the summer and show that I am still around. I got a new mac computer and am still working on transferring my writing material over. I must have at least 5 unfinished works clamouring for my attention, but I continue to make Skull’s story a priority. I have finally made it to chapter 13 and I’m getting ready to toss him out into the world again.

This is how Skull feels about this:

“I’ve quit! I’m going home.”

“But what about the story.”

“I refuse. You almost killed me.”

“No. Fate almost killed you.”

“Don’t pretend like you know nothing. Next you’ll use me as dragon fodder.”

“Oh no. That dragon is perfectly friendly.”

“Arraa. Why can’t I settle down?¬†Hey skip to the part where I learn who my parents are.”

“Parents. You don’t need parents. They slow down a plot line, but you know if you hate me that much I’ll let you go home.”

“Fine. I will!”

“He he he he. I’ll just erase that part of the path curve it around.”

“You wouldn’t!”

“Your right. I wouldn’t mess with the world structure, but you know you owe Aleban a lot. Arn’t you at least going to find a way to pay him back. What about that keepsake you lost?”

“I hate you.”

And therefore Skull was persuaded to continue on his adventure.