You Are Free

The seagull flies lightly over the wind

Watching the docks where boats toss up lazily as beach balls

And people stumble across deck as though drunk

Not quite reaching the sea’s outstretched hand

And others walk away back into the maze of city streets

Never to find their way out into the wide world

Trapped in a matrix of thoughts like fish in nets

Each slides into their place, one at a time

Like figures moving around a clock to mark the hours

And at midnight everyone pushes inside

Not seeing the swirling mass of lights overhead

Lighting the way to things beyond

The people don’t dare look up

They are too tired to be confused by what they don’t know

And would sit inside waiting for the sun to guide

With one right ray of light it’s not so hard

But you wonder why you feel so heavy on the ground

And you wonder why the days lose their meaning

When you never took the time to think outside yourself

You never took the time to ask what you were doing there

No wonder you are tired, hearing yourself mutely scream

You are free, you are free



About this: Inspired after reading the novel Moby Dick in my classes. Yes I read almost all of it, including parts about rigging a boat. I was told that the book was about being open to new ideas and being brave enough to ask the question not asked by others. I wrote this poem to help myself understand.