Poem Collections

White Fables

A collection inspired by other media

Mermaid Sleeps in the Bay [Little Mermaid]

Marriage [Merlin television series]

In the Moon [The Sandman, figure]

It Drowned Long Ago [Speaking My Truth]

You Are Free [Moby Dick]

Eventful Times

A collection inspired by certain events or times of the year.

Remember By Red [remembrance day]

Windy Rush [halloween]

Frozen Forevers [winter]


A collection based on perspective and the internal eye.


The Forest Doesn’t Look Your Way

Traveling With Your Heart

The Black Bird is Flying

Black and Rainbow Creations

Wild Eyes

When Shadows go Dancing

A collection based on childhood innocence and nostalgia.


Children of Stars

Under the Starlight


The Colours of Summer

How I got there, I knew not


A collection based on the changes of the heart.

The Rocking

Walk Down Together


A collection based on the trials of life.

The Money Pit

In the Moment

Where the World Used to Be

Un Unsettling Place

Pencil Shavings


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